Monday, June 16, 2008

Chapter 3.

The two of them got off the plane, hopped on their bikes and rode to their first stop, Madison AZ. Population, 15,000 people. The town was very hot, had to be close to 95 degrees, the guys dressed both in tanks tops and jeans, pulled into a small diner for something to eat.

They walked in, praying that for this part of their journey, they wouldn’t be noticed. Thankfully to their chagrin, they weren’t. They sat at the booth looking at the people in the diner, soaking everything in. From people eating and laughing to watching the waitresses joke and flirt with customers.

One waitress in particular caught their eye. Her name was Randi. She was petite with long red hair and large blue eyes. Her eyes danced when talking to the customers and they in turn returned her good service to them in kind, with tips and with their loyalty. Her station was full. And they apparently were among the lucky ones that were sitting at one of her tables that day.

Wearing a maroon waitress shirt and skirt, Randi’s slim legs practically waltzed over to the guys.

“Hello. Welcome to Wes’ Diner, I’m Randi your waitress for today. What can I get ya?” she asked.

Richie was captivated by her hair and spirit. She nearly took his breath away.

“What’s good here darling?” he asked her.
”Everything.” She said.

“I’ve never seen Wes make a bad meal.” She touted.

Jon looks at the menu.

“Hmm. I’ll have the meatloaf and mashed potatoes.” He said as he continued to look at the men. “Oh I’ll take some iced tea to drink also.” He told her flashing a smile.

Randi walked over to Jon and whispered to him. “That’s the best dish in here. You won’t be disappointed.”

“I doubt you’d disappoint anyone.” He said. Randi smiled and walked over to Richie.

“Okay. You’re turn. Pick a dish any dish.” She quipped.

“Are you on the menu?” he asked her.

“Sorry. I just take the orders. Not a part of them.” She joked winking at him.

“I’ll take the fried chicken and mac and cheese. I’ll also have some iced tea.” He said grabbing both Jon’s and his menus for her.

Randi wrote down the order, she smiled slyly at both.

“Good choice.” She said. “Very good choice. I’ll be right back with your iced teas. “ She said.
”You do that.” Richie said.

They both watched her walk away from the table and over to Wes, the cook and owner of the diner. Her legs were tanned and taut. Every muscle was firm and contoured to perfection. Jon and Richie couldn’t help but to picture themselves tracing her legs with their fingers and slowly following the trail to her thighs. They couldn’t help but wonder, what it could be and what was it like? Just for one night.

“Damn, she’s gorgeous! “ Richie said.
”She certainly is.” Jon said. “A little strong with her weren’t ya?” Jon quipped.

Richie laughed. “I have a feeling she can handle it.” He told him.

“I’m sure she can. Obviously she’s had practice. See most of the men in here watching her? Her station’s full.” Jon said.
Randi walked over to the guys with two tall glasses of iced tea and a wedge of lemon on each side.

“Here are your iced teas gentlemen.” She said putting each one down in front of each man. “You’re food will be up in a little bit.” She informed them.

“Thanks.” Jon said. Richie smiled.

“So, where are you guys from?” Randi asked.

“He’s from New Jersey. I live in California.” Richie said.

“Aah. California.” She said. “California Dreaming’ Dreams of hot lights…Movie stars.” She said

“Been there?” Richie asked her. “Just once. When my California Dreams didn’t quite work out. “ She said.

“Really? Were you a model?” Jon asked.
”Nope. I was an actress and a writer.” She told him.

“You write?” Richie said.
”What kinds of things do you like to write?” he asked her.

“Oh stories, plays, poems. Anything that needs a voice to tell another story.” She smiled. “I write more for me now. Satisfies my soul.” She told him.

“Randi, we need you over at table five. “ Wes said.

“Oh my God. I forgot about how long I’ve been over here talking with your both. I’m sorry.” She told them. Her face suddenly felt feverish and flushed from embarrassment.

“Oh darlin’ don’t be. We both write too.” Richie reassured her.
”Good to meet a fellow scribe.” Jon said.
”Really? What do you write.” She asked. “Randi, don’t forget table five.” Wes reminded her.

“What time is your shift over?” Richie said.

“In a couple of hours. “ she told him. “We’ll stick around for a bit.” Richie said. Jon glanced at his friend. After all these years. He was still amazed by his boldness.

Randi smiled. “Okay. Back with your food in a bit.” She said.

She walked away from the table. She went to table five and took their order. She then went to another table and picked up the dishes. Underneath the napkin, was a $20 bill. Randi smiled as she took the tip. Jon and Richie were stunned.

A few moments later Randi came over again with their meals. They were not disappointed. The meatloaf was moist and delicious, the mashed potatoes full of butter and cream was just what Jon’s taste buds needed. The friend chicken that Richie had ordered was just as good as his mother made. And the macaroni and cheese was literally the best mac and cheese he had ever tasted.

Randi came over to check on them mid-point in their meal.

“Hey guys. How’s everything?” she asked.

“This Mac and Cheese is he best I’ve ever had.” Richie said.

“The food is delicious Randi.” Jon said.

“Good. Told you wouldn’t be disappointed,” she said.

“Indeed you did.” Said Richie.

“Would you like dessert? Today’s specials are apple pie, peach pie, and cheesecake.” She said.

“What do you recommend?” Richie asked her.

Randi looks at the menu.

“Hmmm. Well, the apple pie is sweet. Fruit is juicy this time of year. Especially when you top it off with ice cream or whipped cream. I don’t know.” She shrugged.

“We’ll take the apple pie.” They both said at once.

Randi laughed. “It’s great. Let me tell Wes and get these dishes.” She said grabbing the empty dishes.

“Okay, that pie needs to get here.” Richie said.

“What’s your hurry?” Jon asked.

“You hear that description? I haven’t had pie since-“ Richie said. “

“You mean pie like that. “ Jon quipped, “Rich, ever hear that patience is a virtue?” he smirked.

“You dig her too. C’mon?” Richie said.

“Sure I do. But so does half of this diner.” Jon told him. She got a $20 tip from that table.”

“So? We’ll give her a hundred.” Richie said. “What?” Jon said.

“Jon, she’s struggling. She’s a writer.” Jon let out a huge laugh.

“Richie!” Jon said.
”What? Jonny, we have struggled too.” Richie told him.

“You’ve got it bad.” Jon told him. “ Richie nodded. “You should sympathize with her. Look how you struggled. You were a freakin janitor for how long?”

“Long enough. And we’ll wait…It’ll be good to watch your squirm.” He told his friend.

“You too.” Richie said.

Jon took out the note written by Kate. He started at it for several minutes.

“Wondering who Kate is?” Richie said.

“Aren’t you curious?” Jon asked. Richie nodded his head.

“Nope. Flying by the seat of my pants on this one. Just going to go with the flow and see where things take me.”

“Since when?” Jon asked.

“Maybe you and I should have done this long time ago. A little spontaneity every so often believe it or not is quite healthy.” Richie said.

Jon smiled and looked at the note one last time. He put it in his pocket.

“Don’t you wonder what she looks like?” Jon asked him. “What she smells like?”

Richie who was now scribbling something on a napkin looked up. “No! I don’t. Why wonder when we have a beautiful woman here. Jon looked at Randi bounce from table to table. She walked passed them and smiled. Both flashed a smile back.

“See?” Richie said.

“She’s beautiful.” Jon said.

“Yep.” Richie said. He looks at his napkin, takes out his pen once again and begins to write feverishly. Jon leans across the table. “New song?”

“I think…if I had my guitar in here I’d run it by ya.” He said.

“We I have mine outside. “ Jon told him. Richie glances at the napkin.

“Let’s go. Min is outside too.” He said. Randi glances over at the table and walks over to them. Richie and Jon stood up getting ready to exit.

“Leaving? You didn’t have your pie.” She said sadly.

“Oh no. We’ll be outside. Want to run something by him.” Richie told her.

“Oh okay. “ she smiled.

The two of them walked out the door and over to their motorcycles. Randi watched them through the window of the booth where the guys sat. Transfixed, she couldn’t help but watch Richie give Jon the napkin. Jon stared at his intently and smiled. “This is good.” He told Richie.

“Yeah? Still gotta work some stuff out.” He told him. “Like what?” Jon asked

“It’s missing something.” Richie said. “Well let’s see if we can find it” Jon said. Giving him the napkin back.

Both of them go to the back of their bikes and pull out their guitars. Randi looked stunned. She continued to look thru the window.

“Randi? Randi?” Wes said. Looking over her shoulder.

He was a tall man, looked about 50 with silver hair and gray eyes. He was wearing his traditional black apron and black t-shirt.

“Oh, Wes…I’m sorry. Did you need me?” she asked.

Wes looked outside at Jon and Richie leaning against the sides of their bikes tuning up their guitars. Passers by began to cautiously and curiously gather around the two of them. Jon and Richie were oblivious to them.

“Table eight needed more water. But I got it. Things are slowing down a bit. “ Wes said as he continued to watch the onlookers and Jon and Richie with their guitars. “We getting a show?” he asked

“I don’t know.” She said. Richie began to play and also sing the first part of the chorus.

“In a world.

Time forgot…

She stood there…

Never a doubt.”

Jon joined in with his guitar. Richie continued to sing.

“She stood there…never a doubt…” Jon stopped and looked down at the napkin.

“Hmmmm.” He said.

Suddenly out of the corner of his eye, he noticed a middle-aged woman running up to him.

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Sunstreaked said...

Very good chapter, could see all this happening with your descriptions.

Love how the guys would just go with the writing flow and pull out their guitars anywhere. Somehow I believe this might really be true!