Monday, June 16, 2008

Chapter 4.

“OH MY GOD!” she yelled. Richie looked up and wondering who this woman was yelling at Jon.

“OH MY GOD! IT’S YOU! “ Jon looked at the woman rather calmly. He continued to look at the napkin, hoping that she’d go away.

“Jon freakin Bon Jovi! Get out!” she yelled.

Jon sighed. He looked up at her and smiled. “I’m not Jon.” He mumbled to her.

Jon decides to look up from the napkin and began to notice the small crowd that had surrounded his and Richie’s motorcycles. Stunned, he looked over at Richie. Richie looked at him blankly.

“Oh Bullshit!” the woman said. “I’m from Sayreville, who are you trying to kid?” she laughed.

“Yeah?” Jon said weakly.

“Born and raised. Oh…hey Richie!” she said to Richie. Richie waved to her with a strange look on his face. Richie looked up at the window and noticed that Randi Wes and several patrons had also been watching them through the window. Meanwhile, the middle-aged woman began to sing a couple of Bon Jovi songs while dancing around the two of them. Jon began to laugh and put his hands over his face. Richie watched Randi through the window. She appeared to be stunned and surprised at what she was seeing.

A couple of hours and some hit songs later, Jon and Richie came back into the diner. Randi was speechless. At one end, how cool was it to have two rock stars seemingly to not only take an interest in her but to also play for people when they obviously wanted to hide. She definitely had someone questions but since she didn’t know them, part of her thought, “Respect their privacy, Randi. It’s one of your business.”

But her heart was wondering about them…Especially Richie. She couldn’t help but watch them sit back in the booth smiling at the fans and signing autographs. The woman, who had exposed them, was literally standing next to them telling the patrons of the diner tales of folklore and legendary tales of the band. Jon and Richie looked annoyed over how they were exposed.

“And Jon…Let me tell you people about this one.” The woman pointed.

“And what did I do? “ he asked her. The woman looked stunned. “Seriously? What did I do? Obviously, you know more about me, than me. And I’m like everyone else. I’m kind of curious to know what I did. “ He said again winking at her.

The woman cleared her throat. “I was going to say Jon’s a great person. Jon and his late wife helped out those people.”

“Jon gave her a stern look.” Thank you.” He told her. “Can’t wait to see you at home.” She said. Jon glared at her. Richie flashed a fake smiled. Randi took over their slices of pie. “Remember these,” she asked putting down each plate.

The pie looked great. It was piping hot with whipped cream streaming down the sides of it. Richie smiled. “There she is.” He said. “Mmmmm…. This looks good.” Jon said.

“Well enjoy. Wes’ pie is the best around Jon.” She said smiling weakly.

“Sorry about earlier out there. “ he told her.

:”Oh it’s okay.” She said.

“We didn’t want this.” Richie added.

“It’s okay Richie, “ she said.

Richie glanced at his watch.

“What time do you get off again? “ he asked

“In a little while.” She said. Richie smiled warmly. “Good.” Randi was hesitant but smiled back. “Okay. Let me finish checking my stations and change.” She said.

Randi walked away. She began to pick up the plates that surrounded the table along with the tips.

She walked over to Wes and he took the empties from her.

“How about that?” Wes said looking over at Jon and Richie devouring the pie. He was smiling in approval.

“I think they like your pie.” She said. Wes laughed. “So they do.” Say Rand, what do you think they eat at home?” he asked.

“I don’t know Wes. Maybe food.” She joked.

“Oh come on Randi, you know what I’m talking about. The way they ate the food. You would think they’re chef’s would be feed them home cooking every once in awhile.”

“How do you know they have chefs?” she asked.

“Rand, the guys are rock stars with kids. Jon runs a freakin empire. The man owns an arena football team for crying out loud. You really think he goes home, does laundry and cook dinner every night?” Wes said.

Randi took a deep breath. “I don’t know. Maybe?” she said. “Please. You know Sambora doesn’t. With the starlets he has on his arm.” Randi glanced at Richie again. He looked genuinely sweet and seemed so warm. Part of her did wonder why they took such great pains to be lost.

“I’m going to get changed. Cindy here to take over?” Randi asked.

“Yeah. She showed up about 30 minutes ago. “ Wes said.

“Okay.” Randi said walking in the back and into the break room/locker area where the ladies changed. She shut the door, took off her shirk and shirt and threw them into her bag. She opened up the locker and pulled out her blue jeans and purple pullover. The jeans fit her snugly against her perfect frame. She pulled the purple shirt over her head as she was taking the mass of red hair from underneath her shirt. A tiny lady with blonde hair, blue eyes and glasses came up behind her.

“Ahem.” The lady said clearing her throat.

Randi continued to look nervous as she pulled a mirror from her purse and began to smooth her back with her fingers. Wondering where her comb was, she began to look for her feverishly, all over the locker room area. The middle-aged woman followed, watching her as she noticed that the comb was in Randi’s back pocket. As Randi rested and looked around the room for the comb, the woman had taken it out of Randi’s pocket. “Ahem.” The woman said again, clearing her throat. “Randi? “ she said. “You-whoo…” She said laughing.

Randi was still oblivious to the woman. She could not find her comb. The lady began to laugh out loud. She now taps Randi lightly with the comb.

“Randi…Randi? Looking for this? “ Randi turned around and began to laugh. “Yes! Oh my god…. Thanks Cindy.” Randi said.

“So.” Cindy glanced at Randi.

“So?” Randi asked her.

“Who is it that you’re meeting?” Cindy asked.

Randi began to comb out her hair.

“Mmmm. Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora? “ Randi said.

“Uh-huh…” Cindy said.


Sunstreaked said...

Yowza! Remind me to NEVER piss off Jon Bon Jovi in public! Stupid woman - just shut up!

Love how lost Randi got in her thoughts while changing!

Cute, cute chapter!

Shelly said...

Thanks hon!